Sunday, June 20, 2010

There Is A Place I Go

By Andrew Flaherty

There is a place I go
To remember you
A place I go to conjure
Frosty echoes from the wood
A place I go to recall
The whistling wind
Through the planking of the barn
A place I go to witness
The mist rising off the creek bed,
A place I go to remember you
As wide as you are deep;
Roots and branches,
Embedded and outstretched.
It is the place I first went
To sing as you danced.
It is the place I still go to recite
The Lord’s Prayer,
A place I go to hear
The heartbeat of
The world.
It is a place I
Never really leave:
A memory place
Of peaceful
Where your
Needles are
Always dusted
With the
Of new

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